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Holidaying During COVID-19

Following announcements made by the government stating that tourism and leisure sectors in England, Scotland and Wales can reopen from varying dates in July, we are ready to run our holidays again from August onwards. Below you will find more information on when you can take a Contours holiday and what sort of experience you might have if you do take a holiday during the gradual easing of lockdown.

Update: We have assessed the potential implications of localised lockdowns that affect some parts of the UK. We do not believe that this will impact our holidays, but will continue to monitor the situation as always. We will contact any customers in the first instance if we feel their holidays may become disrupted.

Please note: If you are travelling from abroad and have already booked your holiday, please see our page for existing bookings impacted by COVID-19.

While we are doing all we can to ensure all the involved parties are safe and informed, if you travel while the virus is still active in the general population, you are increasing your risk of infection. If you are considered to be vulnerable to coronavirus, we do not recommend travelling at this time.

When can I go on Holiday?

You are welcome to place a new holiday booking with us now to commence from September 2020 onwards.

Even though the government has stated that accommodations and other service providers can open from July, our team needs time to process your booking and arrange your holiday to the highest possible standard. Please note that all holidays must be booked at least three weeks in advance of your proposed start date for this reason.

If you are interested in holidaying in 2020, all the advice below will apply. We expect at least some of these changes to remain in effect through 2021.

Most importantly, if you are feeling a little unsure, we have put in place a set of policies that reduce your financial risk. Find out more about Booking With Confidence.

What will my holiday be like?

For the general outline of our tours, please refer to our FAQ page, but bear in mind the following changes.

What are my responsibilities?

If you choose to walk, run or cycle on one of our tours, you must understand that you are taking a risk. You are increasing your contact with others, and this carries a responsibility to behave sensibly, taking appropriate measures to minimise the risk of transmission. You should carry hand sanitiser with you for use after touching gates, stiles and anything else that other members of the public might have touched, and use luggage with wipeable rather than fabric handles.

Most importantly, all customers must bear in mind the following responsibilities, which will be sent to you with your tour pack as well.

Thank you for being respectful and considerate of your hosts in this unusually difficult time.

What about my holiday pack?

The tour pack provided is the only way you’ll come into physical contact with us here in the office, so naturally we’re taking extra precautions to keep you safe.

All tour packs will be assembled by one of our expert tour pack team members, who will be thoroughly washing their hands before handling tour pack materials. The government has advised that posted materials are not a transmission risk, but please let us know if you have concerns.

Please note that delivery of tour packs may be delayed while we get back to our usual working routine, but should still arive in plenty of time before your holiday. If we feel you may be affected by this delay, we shall contact you and let you know as soon as possible.

What if I have coronavirus symptoms?

If you display any symptoms of coronavirus within two weeks of your holiday commencing, you must not travel. We take this very seriously indeed. Coronavirus poses a threat to life, and we cannot in good conscience permit you to take one of our tours if you have shown symptoms, which include the following from the NHS coronavirus advice page:

If you develop any of these symptoms prior to your tour, you must let us know immediately and we will discuss options to cancel or postpone your booking.

If you develop any of these symptoms during your tour, you must inform us and end your tour immediately, travelling home as directly as possible. We realise this may be difficult and we are on hand to help you find the best options for travel in this worst-case scenario, but unfortunately we cannot accept responsibility for any costs incurred in such a situation.

What if the government plans change?

On 23rd June, the government stated that the tourism industry can restart from 4th July, however they have stressed that the decision can be limited or reversed at any time should they feel it is necessary to protect the health of the general public.

By booking at this time, you accept the risk that a local lockdown or covid symptoms could prevent you from travelling. While we will do our best to postpone or rearrange your tour with enough notice, we will not be able to refund tours that cannot go ahead at short notice as a result of a local lockdown in your area preventing travel, or because you display covid symptoms prior to your tour.

If the situation changes and it again becomes impossible for your tour to go ahead, we will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss the next steps. Please keep an eye on the email account you used to get set up with us, including your junk inbox, and contact us immediately if you have any questions.

How do I get to my tour?

While we do not take responsibility for your travel to the beginning or back from the end of your holiday, you obviously need to be able to make that journey, and we are keen to help.

Public transport is a difficult option right now; it can be challenging to stick to social distancing, or impossible on packed trains and buses. Therefore we would recommend travelling by car if possible, and as always, we are happy to help you arrange parking at either end of your tour.

You will still need to make one journey by public transport or taxi between the start and end points of your tour — either after leaving your car at the end of the route before you begin your adventure, or back to the start once you finish the holiday — and we will help you to find the best option for this journey. Circular tours avoid this problem, of course, so walkers can check out our list of circular walking holidays for some great options, while runners and cyclists can get in touch for suggestions.

Note that buses in remote areas of the country are often under capacity and therefore social distancing can still be adhered to, and the proper use of masks, regular hand washing and contactless payments will help you minimise the risk of transmission.

Recent Testimonials

Below are some examples of feedback recieved by our customers who have enjoyed a Contours Walking Holiday since the tourism industry reopened:

Schooling; Coast to Coast Walk - We have enjoyed an excellent holiday organised by Contours Walking Holidays. All the members of our party have been so impressed with how successfully you have managed to organise every aspect of the holiday. All the accommodation choices were uniformly excellent. Each one was well organised in accord with sensible Covid-19 infection prevention arrangements. Your instructions as to how to get to the accommodations were uniformly clear, and the arrangements with taxis, pick up arrangements and baggage transfers worked extremely well. All the members of our party would not only use your company for future holidays but would recommend you without hesitation. In these difficult times you have provided an excellent service to enable us to have an unforgettable holiday experience.

Madge; South Devon (South West Coast Path) - Despite the well known issues with Covid at the moment, the holiday was as always well organised and provided with the usual level of thought and care. I was very impressed with the attention to ensuring Covid measures were all in place.

Darwen; Isle of Anglesey Coast Path - Well organised.  We got what we hoped for. All our hosts were well organised (they spoke highly of Contours) and despite the virus we felt safe. Everyone conformed to the rules.

Lawrie; Northumberland Coat Path - We had a great time: somehow, the previous constrictions of the pandemic made the freedom of walking along a very beautiful coastline in the open air even more wonderful.

Sajic; Hadrian’s Wall Path - We walked the Hadrian's Wall in 5 days.  It was full on and fully satisfying. Brilliant, well organised and smooth from start to finish.

Roma; The Ridgeway - We have just finished our 54 mile walk and could not have been happier with all of our accommodation, ending with the really lovely Jude at Folly Farm. All accommodation was great and what stood out was just how welcoming and independent all of the places were.  We have sent details of Contours to a number of our friends and hope to book again with you in the future.

Salisbury; South Downs Way - We’re doing well! All the accommodation has been great with all our hosts being very friendly, helpful and kind. We’ve even managed to eat out, even when we didn’t expect to. The transfers have all been as expected. The taxi transfer this afternoon was very efficient and Chris the driver was brilliant and very cheerful and helpful. All in all it’s been really good so far and we’re all extremely pleased.

Griffiths; Offa's Dyke Path - All has gone extremely well thanks to your planning and attention to detail. The accommodations were outstanding and our final two nights in the Beaches hotel with the sea view made for a special end. All of the pick ups of ourselves and our luggage went smoothly with friendly taxi drivers. It can not have been easy this year with the Covid restrictions so we really appreciate all of the extra work which made our holiday possible.

Above all else...

If you are vulnerable to coronavirus, we do not recommend travelling at this time.

If you travel while the virus is still active in the general population, there is a risk involved which you accept by travelling, and which your accommodation and transfer providers accept by taking your booking. While we will do absolutely everything we can to ensure all involved parties are safe and informed of the proper precautions, we cannot completely eliminate that risk.

If you have any concerns or worries, we are more than happy to discuss them and tell you more about how we intend to keep our tours safe, but we must emphasise: put your health first. To get in touch, find our details on our Contact page.